Parfum Persis x Usual - Away Days

Parfum Persis x Usual - Away Days

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Persis X Usual Away Days

Top: Green Notes - Grapefruit - Lavender
Middle: Gardenia - Green Pepper - Sage
Base: Vetiver - Sandalwood - Synthetic Musk

Description: At first, you’ll sniff a fresh scent from Green Notes blend with an aromatic citrusy scent from Grapefruit and a touch of aromatic floral from Lavender. Then continue with a mix of white floral scents from Gardenia and a spicy hint from Green Pepper and Sage. Finally, the dry down will be a rich woody scent from Vetiver and Sandalwood and close with a smooth musky scent from Synthetic Musk. Overall, the scent will boost your confidence instantly and also give you a sense of optimism!

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